There are two certifications that we offer. The first is the Ale-Conner Certified Beer Authority exam for those who have a passion for beer and want to be able to demonstrate their knowledge. They will be offered the chance to retake the exam once if they do not pass.

Our second certification is the Ale-Conner Certified Beer Expert exam, which is a higher degree of difficulty. This certification is ideal for industry professionals and those with a greater understanding of beer.

Validation is yours for the effort. Please consult our Study Guide for suggestions for exam preparation.

The Ale-Conner Certified Beer Authority exam is comprised of 50 randomized questions and the Ale-Conner Certified Beer Expert exam is comprised of 60 randomized questions. Both cover six separate topics:

  • Beer Brand Origin
  • Beer Evaluation
  • Beer History and Lore
  • Beer Styles
  • Brewing Ingredients and Processes
  • General Beer Questions

While you have 60 minutes to take both exams, the Expert exam has a time limit for each question as well, so make sure you are ready! And remember, while you can retake the Authority Exam, you have only one shot at the Expert Exam.

In order to receive your printable Certificate of Achievment and printable wallet cards, you must achieve a final minimum score of 75% on either exam.

Think you are ready to prove that you're a certified Ale-Conner?